All Abilities Welcome - Participation sans frontières
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Active Living Alliance - Alliance de vie active

It's catching on!

If you're a program or service provider, whether through a municipality, school or an organization, you know how important it is to be inclusive to all members of your community and to promote healthy, Active Living for everyone.

Including persons with a disability, however, can sometimes seem challenging.

To help, the Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability (ALA) and its partners created All Abilities Welcome, a campaign to help you meet the challenge.

When you take on the All Abilities Welcome challenge, it’s an indication that you’ve made a commitment to find a way for everyone to participate. It means you and persons with a disability are working together to create inclusive opportunities for Active Living in your community.

A good place to start is the All Abilities Welcome web site.

Taking Care of your Teeth, the Riverbend Way

Riverbend is a residential area in Calgary with a neighborhood comprised of a mid-income bracket. Riverbend has several recreational, educational and social programs for all residents. There are specific establishments that offer discounts to community members. The community members have many volunteers that help in all the events, activities and sports. Residents are big supporters of local businesses and this is their way of contributing to the growth of the local economy. When it comes to health care, there are many providers that cater to your specific need. In the case of dental and oral health care, there are various dental clinics, institutions and dentists Riverbend has to offer.

Dental care is not scarce in this city. There are many options to choose from depending on what specific treatment you need for your oral care. There are many general and family dentists available within the area. If you require a more specialized treatment or procedure, there are also a number of dentists Riverbend can provide you. Here are a few specializations that you can familiarize yourself with.


Orthodontists are professionals that specialize on teeth and jaw alignment. There are many patients that require assistance from an orthodontist. There are several techniques and methods used in straightening teeth such as braces and retainers. Aside from finishing dental school, orthodontists are required to conduct advance study that will require a few more years.


A Periodontist is a dental specialist who focuses on taking care of the structures and tissues that surround our teeth such as the gums and ligaments. Periodontics pertains to the diagnosis, prevention, maintenance and treatment of diseases related to the tissues around our teeth. This profession requires a completion in advanced programs such as a post-doctoral certificate.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

An Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon is in charge of conducting invasive procedures of our teeth, jaw and facial bones. Some surgeons can also conduct procedures in craniofacial, mallixofacial and microvascular reconstruction. This level also requires a completion in advanced studies and hospital residency programs.

Cosmetic Dentist

A cosmetic dentist is more concentrated on aesthetic dentistry. The objective is to improve the overall appearance of the patient. These include veneers and bonding to name a few. A cosmetic dentist is usually practiced by general dentists.


An Endodontist is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of the dental pulp and nerve causing diseases in our teeth. An Endodontist performs procedures from simple to complex root canals and other surgical treatments basically to save the tooth.


Prosthodontics is usually referred to as dental prosthetics. Dental prosthetics are applied to patients who require treatment for missing teeth by replacing it with dental structures and implants. A prosthodontist specializes in teeth restoration using cosmetic dentistry.

These are just some of the specialized services in the dental industry. For other categories, you may check and visit the facilities and dentists Riverbend can provide you. Rest assured that all health care professionals and workers in Calgary have undergone extensive studies and training. No matter what level and profession, they are more than capable to serve your specific needs. It’s a matter of choosing the right person to help you take care of your teeth.

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